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Our Best Man Speeches E-Book will guide you step by step through the following five categoriess for both writing and delivering a successful best man wedding speech.

> Preparation <
> Introduction <
> Content/Body <
> Conclusion <
> Delivery <

[Speech Projection/Body Language]

Preparation is the most important part of the writing process for best man speeches. With proper organization you will feel secure delivering your best man's speech. You need to allocate a suitable amount of time to think about what you would like to say. Take into consideration what you want to convey to your audience about the newlyweds. Since this is their Wedding Day you will want to point out the special moments that the groom/bride have shared. Note any fond memories that come to mind from your past. Using names and personal details of your audience will help you engage the guests to continue listening and admiring your best man's speech..

The first 30 seconds will be the most significant, vital elements of the speech.
Start off with a phrase that will captivate the audience. For example: a joke, quote, question or bold statement can be a great jump start for the beginning of your best man speech.